3 Restaurant Ideas For Your Summer Venue in 2020

Exotic choices – pinks, purples, yellows, the list goes on

Whether you’re running a cafe, a restaurant or a bistro, when the weather starts getting better, it’s high time you started thinking about taking your customers al fresco.  The sun’s out – and it’ll hopefully be here for a little while longer – which means it’s time to start thinking about outdoor restaurant furniture and seating.  Here’s our quick guide to some truly stunning summer venue ideas.


Vibrant Colours are Key

Notice how people start to dress in more vibrant colours as the weather gets better?  As the weather gets brighter, so do colour schemes – and that applies to your venue, too.  Avoid muted, softer colours and go for exciting, exotic choices – pinks, purples, yellows, the list goes on – it’s important to consider summery colours as wildly-decorated furniture can give off a seasonal feel even if the weather is drab and dreary.  Vibrant colours are attractive, exciting and really add character to any space.  Put it this way – choose between yellow chairs or grey chairs, out in the sun – it’s a no-brainer!


Go Stackable

We all know how unpredictable the Great British Summer can be – so consider lightweight, stackable restaurant tables and chairs which can be easily moved in, out and around should the weather choose to take a turn for the worse.  Opt for plastic or metal – or a mix of both – depending upon your venue’s aesthetics and style – and what your customers are likely to enjoy the most.  These seating and table options can also be moved around to suit your diners, too – meaning that there’s greater flexibility for them when it comes to where they want to drink and eat.



While the summer months will largely mean that sunshine is bound for British shores – if only for a little while – it’s still important that you opt for durable, weatherproof furniture.  If you’re building an outdoor dining or drinking space, you may need to leave your furniture out in all weathers – and while it’s recommended you protect them as much as possible, opting for a highly durable and weather-resistant option ensures that even more bases are covered wherever necessary.


Need Help?

GBN Primo offer restaurant furniture for all seasons and for a variety of dining and drinking needs – putting comfort and style at the forefront of our catalogue.  If you’re looking for a new range of furniture to help embellish your venue’s summer look, take a look at our online guide or call us directly on 01992 709 420 – we’re always happy to help – so never be afraid to get in touch with our team if you ever need to!  Offer your customers comfort, style and attractive summer seating and furniture – and you’ll soon pull in the crowds.