Halloween 2020! Do or Die?

How to capture the Halloween trade
Can You Afford to Miss Out

Halloween is a typically American holiday but in recent years, more and more Brits are embracing the opportunity for parties or celebrations. This may range from a small kids party at home up to a full-on dress-up themed event in a bar, restaurant or club. If you are a foodie establishment, can you afford to miss out on this opportunity to attract new clientele and increase your visibility?

Halloween menus

With a worrying 25% rise in restaurant closures in the last 12 months to June 2019, owners and managers of restaurants and cafes need to look for ways to stand out from the competition. Customers are used to the ubiquitous Christmas menus now, so it could be a great time to embrace a special Halloween menu to liven things up. Many restaurants and bars may be concerned about the impact of leaving the EU on 31st October this year and may be looking for ways to increase trade. Adding a special Halloween themed dinner menu or bar snacks may help put you on the map.
Use of traditional Halloween foods such as pumpkin can help set the theme and a warm soup could be just the thing for the cold Autumn weather.

Halloween menu banner


Pubs and restaurants often make an effort to create an authentic spooky atmosphere by dressing up the bar or front of house area. Blacks, oranges and greens are the go-to colours for Halloween. This can be achieved through the use of additional soft furnishings such as throws or cushions which can be reused next year, as well as themed decorations from specialist party stores. Decorations are becoming more and more elaborate such as animatronic coffins and life-size zombies. For something a little simpler, why not decorate the ceiling with fake cobwebs and spiders or the bar or dinner tables with twigs and branches for a witchy theme? Adjusting the lighting also adds to the atmosphere; making it darker with orange or green tea lights as well as candles can all add to the spooky ambience.

Costumes and other props

To complete your Halloween mood, ask your waiter staff to dress up as witches, ghouls or zombies. Consider Halloween themed tableware such as large pumpkin shaped punch bowls or orange and black napkins or napkin rings.

Extend your reach

If your restaurant or bar is usually quieter in the middle of the afternoon, consider holding a Halloween children’s party to bring in the customers. With children comes parents and they will spend money on drinks and snacks for themselves as well as the children’s party food and drinks. Black and orange balloons, sweets and Halloween themed stickers make good prizes for games or a fancy dress competition. Keep the set up simple and this can be a good way to increase income in a quieter part of the day.
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