5 Restaurants With Gorgeous Wood Seating

Stunning, contemporary look which blends in with your general theme of the establishment.

Here at GBN Primo, we are proud to have worked with a wide range of different restaurants and fine dining establishments as well as contemporary cafés and bistros – and wooden seating has helped to revolutionise a number of restaurant interior design plans and choices made by the various brands we’ve worked with.  Here are five such case studies from previous projects we’ve worked on which are still operating successfully today.


  1. Safari Park, Worcester – Main Dining Area

Kitting out the main dining area at this safari park in Worcester was a breath of fresh air – after consultation on the main site, we were able to bring in wooden furniture – seating included – to create a stunning, contemporary look which blends in with the general theme of the establishment.  The metal framed, high-back chairs here are lightweight yet comfortable, and ideal for such an environment.



2.Café and Restaurant, Peak District

This eatery in the Peak District was transformed with just a few design changes made to seating and tables.  Blending metal with wood, we were able to draft in great-looking minimalist seating alongside embellished booths and slimline tables to create a relaxed, modern atmosphere without the unnecessary flourishes.

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3.Wine Bar, London Lime Street

Wine bars go for a certain look that’s impeccable and stirring – and in London, this look has never been more popular, nor more important.  Creating deep, wooden furniture and chairs which are easily stacked and stored alongside comfy, stylish booth seating, our restaurant dining chairs installations here have helped to revolutionise the look of the bar since our consultation in 2012.


4.Pie Restaurant, Camden

This colourful, specialist cuisine restaurant has a fun yet classy vibe to it, and we therefore helped to bring class and fun to seating and table fixtures with a focus on dark, wooden frames – focusing on stability – alongside soft, appealing cushioning and round tables to encourage group meals.


5.College Coffee Bar, Truro

Finally, one of our most eclectic and striking fit-outs comes to you all the way down in Truro – modern, eye-catching, yet minimal appeal was on the cards here, with two colours – transparent green and solid white – running throughout.  The chairs here are deceptively wooden – you’d never know it till you sat down!  The chairs here incorporate the vivid design requirements and the simple stability that the establishment was craving.


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