5 Top Tips for Choosing Restaurant Table Tops

5 Top Tips for Choosing Restaurant Table Tops


Restaurant tables make up the vast majority of your diners interior design. They serve a huge practical purpose, but at the same time, the impact dramatically upon the overall look of your establishment, too.  Tabletops, in particular, should be carefully considered when you are either designing or choosing from a range of tables – for example, from GBN Primo’s superb and expansive range!  Here are five top tips we feel you should always bear in mind while table shopping – or should that be table-topping?


1) Mood and Ambience

First things first – consider your overall mood and ambience carefully.  What sort of atmosphere are you aiming to create?  What looks and feels could help to deliver this atmosphere to your customers with minimal effort?  Once you have a clear picture in mind, you will find shopping for the right table tops a breeze.

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2) Material

Firstly, look for the tabletop material that serves the look of your restaurant and your needs the most.  Consider easy-clean and easy-maintenance options wherever you can.  Consider resin, stainless steel, butcher block or granite for starters.


3) Quality

Quality should always be top of your list of things to look for.  Alongside durability, you should prioritise the quality of a table and/or tabletop before you purchase – though you ideally shouldn’t be looking at durability outweighing quality altogether.  For example, a super-durable household dining table simply won’t cut it in a restaurant.  It’s worthwhile investing in a top-quality table top which will withstand the years – unless, of course, you are willing to make frequent changes.

4) Shape

Yes – even shape should be closely considered.  Rectangles, circles and squares are most commonly used by restaurants and bars, and you should, therefore, think about which of these looks not only appeals to your audience the most but which also fits most comfortably into your restaurant space.  Consider how much space you and your customers will have to move around!  Comfort, as always, should be key – it is never worth sacrificing.

5) Theme

Finally, we come to the theme.  This is also a crucial point – does your restaurant have a theme or a certain look?  What sort of environment are your key customers likely to want to come back to?  Bear in mind that visual appeal is just as important – if not more than – the cuisine you serve when it comes to enticing customers and helping them feel at home.  Which looks would work best for you personally?

There’s plenty to consider, as you can see when it comes to choosing the right tabletop.  The furniture you pick can make all the difference between repeat custom and a one-off visit!  Call GBN Primo today to learn more on 01992 709420.