Adapting Your Restaurant during Covid

Reducing the Risk of Coronavirus (Covid 19) in your Restaurant

As the world deal with a global pandemic, one of the hardest hit industries is the Hospitality. With social gathering being restricted most restaurants, café’s, pubs and bars have been forced to adjust their opening hours and make their premises covid safe as much as possibly. Most eateries have reduced services and menus and operated a more take out or delivery service. Whilst some are allowing reduced numbers for sit down meals.

Here are a few safety tips for restaurant owners: –

  1. Strict Hygiene Practice / Hand Sanitisers

Washing hands for a least 20 seconds more frequently, if washing facilities are not available then hand sanitisers should be available at different locations for staff and customers.

  1. Social Distancing / Clear Signage

Make changes to your floor plan to help with maintaining a 2 metres distance, create a one-way system within the restaurant, avoiding customers to wander and coming face to face.

  1. Wear Mask

Staff wearing a face covering is crucial to avoid spreading the virus to colleagues and customers.

  1. Maintain the Government and Local Authority Guidelines

Maintain Local Covid Alert Levels Medium, High, or Very High. For more information click on the links below.

  1. Disposable menu

Ensure disposable menus are used rather than the shared booklet ones. Dispose of them in a safe manner after every use.

  1. Cleaning / Disinfectant

Ensure regular cleaning is maintained, paying particular attention to hot spot areas like work surfaces, utensils, light switches, handles, fridge freezers etc.

  1. Track & Trace

Take contact details of customers so that they can be traced if there is an outbreak.

  1. Payment

Encourage card payment rather than cash to avoid contamination.

9.  Screening

Fit screens between tables to protect and seperate areas, giving privacy to your diners as well as ensuring hygiene levels are maintained. Available in a number of sizes and colours.

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