Cafe Design Interiors Vs Exteriors

Do you require more consideration than your outside space in 2020?

The difference between interior cafe furniture and exterior cafe furniture can be quite vast – after all, while you may be ultimately looking to capture the same theme and aesthetics inside and out, you need to consider which options are going to work best in the different environments.  What’s more, how you use your space is an absolutely crucial factor – as what may work inside may not necessarily translate the same to the outside.


Interior Seating Areas

The interior seating plan of your café is likely to require more consideration than the outside, essentially, your storefront.  Throughout the year, the majority of people you welcome through your doors will still need to walk through your café interior, whether to order food, drinks or to take a seat – and it’s therefore important that you deeply consider a practical layout and how you can maximise comfort for your guests.

There are largely three choices you can pick from when it comes to interior dining furniture – standard tables and chairs, restaurant stools and high tables, or a combination of the two.  The combi option is becoming increasingly popular in bars as well as cafés as it offers the customer a greater choice – do they opt for informal or formal seating and dining?  From your choice of seating and tables alone, you can already add a layer of depth to your customers’ café experience.

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Café Gardens and Patios

If you have outdoor space available, use it!  During warmer months, people love to eat and drink outside, so you may consider setting up a combination of single tables and group tables. Partitioning your outdoor space with plants and dividers also offer privacy and separation where necessary. This will help to create an attractive alfresco dining area which – when the summer rolls around – will be hard to beat.


Pavement Dining

If you’ve ever been to the continent even once, you’ll likely have noticed a European trend for dining ‘on the street’.  You can use a range of outdoor restaurant furniture to adorn your café’s exterior – it’s a great way to advertise what you offer. You can entice clientele who are looking for al fresco dining and/or drinks while escaping the heat and the glare of the sun.


What’s Best for You?

Both inside and outside, it’s important to consider investing in durable, stylish furniture that will weather the years in terms of stability and in terms of aesthetics.  GBN Primo have a range of styles and choices to help transform any café space inside and out – call us on 01992 709 420 to learn more!