Choosing The Right Chairs For Your Establishment

Choosing The Right Chairs For Your Establishment 2020

Kitting out your bar or restaurant with the right furniture doesn’t have to be difficult. While you may lead with style over substance, there are a few things you’ll need to consider in terms of making the most solid of choices, but it’s a process that really shouldn’t take you too long.  With a wide array of choice, GBN Primo are here to help you pick and choose from some of the most unique, eye-catching and comfortable chairs available for bars and restaurants up and down the UK – and here are a few things we think you should be bearing in mind before you start window shopping.


Get Creative with Comfort

First and foremost, your patrons are going to need to be comfortable.  While you can always lead with looks and style, it’s important to bear in mind how long your customers are going to be sat for – are you operating a restaurant where people can expect to be sat for long periods of time?  Consider backed seats and cushions – comfort is absolutely key if you intend for people to spend as much time as possible in your establishment.

For fast food chains, for example, this rule doesn’t always apply – in these environments, it’s worth considering leading with style first as customers will likely come and go with ease – opt for seating that’s strong, reliable and easy to clean and maintain – consider plastic, wood and aluminium options, for example, should you be interested in offering quick, clean seating options for speedy eaters.


Your Establishment – Your Way

It’s important to pick furniture that closely resembles or which fits in well with your existing décor or theme – this is where the idea of style comes in, and while you should always balance it with the concept of comfort, it can be tempting to let one override the other.  Here’s a tip – try not to let that ever be the case!  What sort of atmosphere or feel are you hoping to create with your bar or restaurant?  Are you aiming for contemporary or classic?  Retro or ultra-modern?  You may even be running a theme, or you may be basing the look of your premises around the type of cuisine and drinks you provide.

Do also make sure that your restaurant tables and chairs fit well together – consistency and comfort are key factors in the running of any eatery or bar!


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