Fixed Furniture A Guide

Fixed Furniture A Guide for 2020

Not everyone needs their bar and restaurant furniture to be freely moved and flexible many establishments opt for fixed benches, tables and more besides.  There’s plenty of good reasons for this, and they largely revolve not only around a great sense of practicality but also around your core audience.  Fixed furniture cannot be moved it’s a permanent fixture of your premises which means it’s likely you’re going to need to think about such options very closely if they are already popping up on your radar.  Here’s our quick guide to what to expect from fixed furniture, and how to really work it to your advantage.

Thinking About Customers’ Needs

Fixed furniture is a great idea if you are aiming to create a quiet, private space for your customers and visitors.  For example, booths and cubicle tables are a great way to partition guests away from the melee of a bar or restaurant setting.  Make sure you really make use of any corners, alcoves and wall spaces so that you can easily provide visitors with a choice.  Fixed furniture works best in tucked-away zones as they can, therefore, stand unobstructed.  Booth seating and corner seating is immensely popular these days – you only have to see how quickly these spaces fill up in other restaurant environments to understand the allure of privacy!


A Great Choice

Fixed seating and tables are a practical choice and one which many visitors will drift towards for a variety of reasons.  Consider the fact, first of all, that large groups of people may find it awkward to congregate in the middle of restaurant space.  The more loose chairs and tables are used, the more chance there is of them being left idle and in the way.  Fixed booth seating and furniture offers a fixed choice for customers, who may have booked a sizeable table in advance and can, therefore, be offered ‘VIP’ standards in their own private little corner.  Chances are, these booths and fixed spaces will also become strong focal points for your premises.  People will want to sit there!

Your Furniture, Your Way

Here at GBN Primo, we’re proud to be able to offer our customers a huge variety of furniture standards both fixed and flexible.  Choose from leather or fabric options for fixed seating, or sturdy metal or plastic standards for moveable items.  Take a close look at our catalogue which is brimming with ideas – and always let us know if we can be of any assistance.  If you’ve already started considering fixed furniture but are unsure whether or not it is truly apt for your business, take a look at what GBN Primo has to offer for some serious inspiration.

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