Get Ready In Time For The Outdoor Season New Products From GBN PRIMO

Focusing on affordable low-maintenance comfort for your restaurant cafe or bar

Good weather is well on its way to the UK at last – and for your restaurant, cafe or bar, this means you’re going to need to start thinking about how you can appeal to your clientele in clement weather. Your guests are going to want to start making the move from indoors to outdoors – and there’s every reason you should follow them out there with some truly fantastic furniture for them to enjoy.

The Trends of 2020 
Trends and crazes can come and go, but here at GBN Primo, we’re always readily keeping our fingers on the pulse in an effort to deliver the best in new design needs and wants which are driving foodies and regular restauranteurs absolutely barmy. Trends for 2018 include keeping things simple, looking to the past for retro ideas, and focusing on affordable, low-maintenance comfort.


Design Ideas
The way you lay out and decorate your restaurant will, of course, always be down to the cuisine you serve and your own personality, and shades therein – we always aim to stock a large and varied range of different design choices for outdoor furniture, meaning that whether you are running an upmarket bistro with veranda dining or if you are a gastropub or family chain aiming to keep things colourful and full of charm, our catalogue is always on hand to help.

Our Latest Collection
Our catalogue is always evolving and we’re always keeping our customers up to date with the latest and greatest that we have to offer from season to season. If you’re not already registered to hear more from us via email, you’re missing out – sign up now and we’ll deliver the newest creations to your inbox. We’re focusing this time around on bright colours, UV plastic and neutral yet funky fixtures which we think will slide in perfectly with any budding establishment.

You Buy – We Build!
With warmer weather bringing in the outdoor season like never before, you’re going to need to stock up on some great restaurant tables, restaurant chairs and accessories to help welcome your guests onto a balcony or patio – and all you ever need to do with our great catalogue is to make a purchase and we will build everything from scratch for you. Our items are made to order each and every time – why not take a closer look or call us on 01992 709 420 for more details?