Get the Pub Furniture You Have Always Dreamed Of

From tub chairs to armchairs and contemporary twists on the reliable pub standards of old into 2020

While bars and clubs may have taken a fair chunk out of the pub market over the past ten to twenty years, there is a definite resurgence in the humble local –

Whether it comes to local beverages or home-cooked cuisine, there’s every reason why you should kit your pub out to compete with the best of the drinking and eating establishments that complement your local area. But where do you start in terms of getting hold of the best pub chairs and pub tables to cater to your customers and your aesthetic?

GBN Primo are expert designers and purveyors in a range of stylish and contemporary furniture for pubs, restaurants and bars alike.

When it comes to pub furniture, we think you should consider a number of seating choices you might not otherwise have looked at before – even the cosiest or most traditional of public houses are now opting for side chairs and armchairs to create a certain look – while those establishments looking to create a homely or stylish feel can really work our lounge collection to their advantage. It is all about cultivating a stylish look that enhances social activity as well as it creates a unique atmosphere.

Get the Pub Furniture You Have Always Dreamed Of

Bar stools and sofas, too, have come into wide use as American standards for contemporary drinking and socialising. While pub chairs and pub tables may be more traditional on the whole, incorporating transatlantic bar standards into your pub will help to give it that contemporary bite – as will funky, attractive seating features such as restaurant tub chairs and even a twist or two on banquette furniture – you can mix and match a whole range of features and flavours with us before cultivating your own unique aesthetic.

Getting a great-looking pub you’ve always dreamed of should never mean that you are restricted to the same old pub tables and pub chairs – consider outdoor restaurant furniture to enhance your appeal during the warmer months – and think about how you can introduce tables to encourage greater social activity. Consider your customers as much as you consider your own personal aesthetic, style and mission – and let us help to build you a unique pub interior to set tongues wagging! From tub chairs to armchairs and contemporary twists on the reliable pub standards of old, we have a range to fit any taste and any budget – come and take a closer look!



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