How to Keep Your Pub or Restaurant Well Maintained

Top 10 tips to improve your customer experience of your restaurant or pub, as well as ensuring a better shelf live of your furniture

The look of your establishment reflects it’s character and style. Your pub or restaurant can be hip and rustic without being filthy or uncomfortable. These tips will ensure your pub or restaurant furniture is clean, sturdy and comfortable.

Buying contract furniture, as opposed to domestic furniture in the first place, is an absolute must. Domestic furniture is not designed to withstand the many stresses and strains placed upon it in busy venues. Quality durable contract furniture is immensely hard-wearing, however, will on occasion need maintaining. Excessive use and poor maintenance can lead to your furniture becoming unsafe, uncomfortable and unclean.

To keep on top of your establishment’s furniture maintenance and durability, monthly or bi-monthly checks on their condition are a smart idea. Especially furniture that are exposed to the elements or almost always in use.

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Top 10 tips for Making small yet regular adjustments can make or break the customer experience of your restaurant or pub, as well as ensuring a better shelf live of your furniture. For each inspection, consider the following:

  1. Check all tables and chairs for wobbles – No customer likes a wobbly table!
  2. If you have purchased any pieces of furniture which require any type of self-assembly, make sure any screws are tight. Welded pieces are obviously a lot less prone to loose joints and so it make be worth investing in an electric drill.
  3. Examine table tops for sway by putting force onto the top with both hands. If there’s any movement, make sure the table top is attached to the base properly, it may not be an issue with the legs.
  4. Check any upholstery for rips or stains. It’s best to repair even a small tear as soon as you can before they get any larger.
  5. Inspect plastic feet on tables and chairs to ensure they’re not damaged as these can damage the floor as well as cause the table to collapse over time.
  6. When moving furniture, whether changed the orientation or bringing furniture back into the restaurant at the end of the day, pick it up. Don’t drag it.
  7. It seems obvious, but remove and put aside any objects present a risk to customers. A lot of places get this wrong, until something goes wrong.
  8. Check the colour if the furniture is in the sun
  9. Always look at climate control on very hot days
  10. Plan what furniture needs to be anchored