Metal Frame VS Timber Frame Cafe Chairs. Which Is Best For Your Business?

Are you a contemporary restaurant or wine bar looking to attract a professional audience?

The furniture you use to help welcome customers into your business will largely depend on your cuisine and your décor, as well as any themes you may have in mind – though you will also need to consider cost, movability and space, too.  GBN Primo has a wide range of seating and table solutions to help appeal to foodies and restaurant-goers from all walks of life – and two of our most popular ranges of chairs are our metal and timber frame varieties.  If you like the look of either of these chairs – which would generally be considered better for your business?  Let’s take a closer look at both.


Metal Frame Chairs

Our metal frame chairs are amongst the most versatile and stylish that we can create for you – popular with themed cocktail lounges and family eateries alike, these units come in a variety of characterful designs with a range of different purposes and functions high on the agenda.  Need a flexible, wood-finished bar stool?  Looking for colourful, retro style which is both simple to manage and easy to carry and stack?  If colours and nostalgic design are high on your agenda, we have chairs with character from you to pick from.  Metal frame chairs are especially durable and add a certain finish that eateries and establishments of various natures can be proud of.




Timber Frame Chairs

On the other side of the coin, we have our fantastic timber frame chair range.  These chairs are built to be super-functional while offering maximum comfort and elegance, all the while never losing their charm or character.  These chairs will blend in seamlessly with any contemporary restaurant or wine bar looking to attract a professional audience, while certain styles and purchases can be made to attract a younger crowd and to emphasise comfort and ease of use.  The benefit of timber chairs lies in the fact that they are so sturdy and steadfast – they are also remarkably lightweight, too – meaning you’ll never be weighed down by cumbersome furniture if you go wooden.


So What’s Best for You?

Ultimately, the best chairs for your restaurant rely entirely upon your existing décor, your clientele and your personality and tastes – both metal and timber frame chairs have their incredible plus points – and with our help, we’ll make sure your eatery is kitted out with reliable, lightweight and sturdy seating for use both inside and out.