6 Simple Steps To Rebranding Your Restaurant 2020

Tell a Story Rebranding Your Restaurant 2020 


Whether you’re going through a quiet spell or feel like a complete makeover, rebranding your restaurant can be tricky if you’re unsure of the right steps to take.  Here are six simple ways you can start re-inventing your brand right now.


Consider Your Position

Firstly, it’s essential to consider your place in your market and industry.  How are you performing in line with your competition?  Is there a dire need for rebranding or re-invention?  Where are you excelling – and where are you falling short?  Start considering customer feedback in greater detail – what are your most popular dishes and drinks?  Are you inclusive enough for a wide range of diners?  It’s time to start collating all of this data and to use it to form a clear, concise strategy.


Tell a Story

Many bars and restaurants rely upon the history of their firm and even their building to sell their brand.  Family-run businesses perform extraordinarily well because they feel more human than faceless chains – market your bar or eatery with a story based on the history of your premises, and your business – and you could well capture intrigue before people even look at your menu.


Do Your Research!

This is a golden rule in any line of business – keep an eye on what your competition is doing, and what they are doing well.  Don’t copy anything outright – but take inspiration from their successes.  What’s driving custom to them?  What are they doing on social media?  How can you translate that into unique selling points for your own brand?


Don’t Hold Back on Design

Your restaurant’s interior design is everything – rebranding more often than not will call for a complete redesign, which means doing more research into what makes your customers tick and what your competitors are doing to drive more relevant trade.  Feedback, therefore, in all of its forms – is your friend here.  Consider your theme carefully – does it match your cuisine?  No matter what you choose – retro, culture-inspired or otherwise – your theme is also going to need to run consistently throughout your design choices.


Go Social

A brief, but important point – are you promoting your restaurant on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?  Use these platforms to take your customers on a journey – brand your accounts in line with your restaurant’s theme and allow people to interact with you one-on-one.  Social media has never been more important when it comes to marketing online.


Your Opening Night

Finally – make a big show of your rebranding!  Host a big event to introduce new and seasoned customers to what you have on offer.  Encourage feedback, try out new menus – and really polish that first impression – as this is where opinions are really going to count.