What Furniture Should You Choose for Pubs & Clubs?

Modern restaurant furniture is no longer as excluding nor as inaccessible as you’d imagine –

When it comes to picking out the right decor and furniture for your drinking establishment, it can be easy to think more along the lines of ease and practicality for you as opposed to your guests. Drinking has always been a social activity and it is perhaps time to therefore consider how you can increase the social aspect of enjoying a few rounds or cocktails within your existing space.

Not everyone likes to sit propping up the bar these days – people go out to socialise, to have fun, to catch up and more – and restaurant furniture suppliers such as us here at GBN Primo already know that appealing to your clients’ comfort as well as aesthetic taste is equally important.

Firstly, however, you should consider the theme, look and pitch of your bar or club. Consider who you’re hoping to sell to – are you aiming for an older market, those in their 20s and 30s, or undergraduate students? Modern restaurant furniture is no longer as excluding nor as inaccessible as you’d imagine –

Simply think about the look of your establishment and how you’d like it to be perceived. If you don’t have a theme, why not take a look at our furniture catalogue and guide for a little bit of inspiration?

What Furniture Should You Choose for Pubs & Clubs?

Outdoor restaurant furniture will also widely advise that you need to consider style and practicality on an even keel. A superb, complex and ultra-modern design may appeal to the eye, but if it is uncomfortable or awkward for both you and your clientele, it’s time to start thinking more along the lines of what works best for them in terms of comfort. We offer flexible, attractive furniture that can be easily moved, stored and offers a wide range of comforts – from sofas to super-cosy bar seating, GBN Primo has you covered.

Finally, always put space first – modern restaurant furniture may come in all shapes and sizes, but the rule is always the same – never fill your establishment completely. Give your guests room to move around, to enjoy their surroundings, and to talk to one another. As mentioned, drinking is a social activity – so why cram your guests into tight spaces where they can hardly enjoy each other’s company? It just makes sense to lead with space and to consider knick-knacks and other accoutrements second. Take it from us as seasoned restaurant furniture suppliers –don’t go too overboard!