Design Your Own Restaurant Seating

Whether you’re opening a restaurant for the first time or are simply looking to refurbish.

Did you know that there’s a million different ways you can make the place look incredible to new and seasoned diners alike. Modern restaurant furniture has come on a long way – while some establishments like to lead with style over substance and even themed models, you can now look to incorporate incredible comfort without fear of losing out on that incredible aesthetic edge. Here at Primo, it’s our aim to ensure that you find the best possible look for your style of eatery with the help of our wide variety of seating styles and choices.

For restaurants looking to establish a retro feel with a contemporary touch – which is, believe it or not, completely possible – our metal frame chairs and solutions may be exactly what you’re looking for. Providing classy, upright support and essential dining comfort for fine cuisine and quick eats alike, modern restaurant furniture still looks to the past from time to time in order to get some fantastic ideas for the future! Plastic shell chairs, too, are well worth a look if you are interested in creating a laid-back, retro feel for a restaurant that dabbles in multiple cuisines and drinks menus. We believe you should always have the power to design and arrange your own restaurant seating and set-up – and we will show you how to do so.

Design Your Own Restaurant Seating

Check out our timber frame chairs and stools for another twist on contemporary seating. Timber can be used to create informal and informal seating arrangements which maximise comfort as well as luxury on the eye. We think this form of modern restaurant furniture is especially attractive for cafes and restaurants looking for that light, airy atmosphere – with quirky, striking seating designs that leave a fantastic impression. We also recommend our Primo Select range – a catalogue of chairs and stools in various shapes and materials which are arranged to fit any budget. There’s a superb selection here – and we dare say you could mix and match a few of the models to build a wholly unique look that’s all your own.

Modern restaurant furniture should never have to follow a template or a standard – be your own look and be your brand – offer customers luxury, style and comfort without breaking your budget. Take a look around our store and see if we can help to build your perfect eatery seating!