How to Attract More People to Your Restaurant in London in 2020

Anyone who’s anyone in the restaurant trade in the capital will know that the London Restaurant Festival is the perfect time of year to start encouraging new diners to come and visit their establishments and to try out their menus and cuisines. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to expand your audience and to maybe even try out a few new dishes.

It’s also a fine time to start thinking about restaurant interior design – and whether or not you have the look and appeal to really drive custom to your eatery during a potentially high-traffic time. What’s more, you’re going to want to convert visitors into regular diners – so making the perfect first impression is obviously on the cards.

You should certainly start thinking about chairs and stools – these, after all, are the cornerstone of quality for your guests, and they may spend well over an hour seated with you if they like your menu and drinks offerings enough! Therefore, always lead with comfort – while keeping your own aesthetic and brand style or image in mind during purchase and installation. There is a lot of restaurant interior design that goes into just the seating alone – and the same will go for if you are looking to employ real comfort, for example in the form of upholstered seats or sofas to really push the informal luxury home. This, of course, will largely depend on the type of café or restaurant you operate – but it’s well worth looking into just how comfortable your guests are if you’re looking to impress during festival season.

How To Attract More People to Your Restaurant in London

Outdoor furniture is also well worth bearing in mind if you have provisions available. Visitors during the festival season will be impressed by any opportunities you may have available for patrons to sit outside and enjoy a drink or two. The right tables and set-ups really do make a whole lot of difference when it comes to atmosphere and style – as well as comfort and accessibility. Aesthetics are a major player in building that first impression during festival season – meaning you should certainly be keeping restaurant interior design in mind if you’re looking to convert a visitor or two.

Do keep on top of your menu and drinks listings, too – as these are just as important when inspiring discerning foodies during the festival season! Let Primo help with everything else.



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