Picking Outdoor Restaurant Furniture 2020

Need a  material which will prove comfortable, eye-catching and durable across the seasons?

Good weather is rolling back around again, which means it’s time for restaurants, bars and bistros to start thinking about expanding their seating into outdoor areas so that their visitors can make the most of the sunshine.

Here at GBN Primo, our range of outdoor furniture styles will fit seamlessly into a wide variety of atmospheres and looks – and what’s more, our varied collection comprises of a number of great, resistant and stylish material which will prove comfortable, eye-catching and durable across the seasons.  Here are just a few ideas you might want to lead with:



Our stylish weave furniture is a popular choice as it can be put to great use all year round.  This is a look which will blend in well with a variety of different existing styles and décor choices, and what’s more, you can reuse them and rework them to your tastes from season to season.

Picking Outdoor Restaurant Furniture 2020


Metallic seating has a look all of its own, and it’s marvellously versatile – especially when it comes down to creativity in design.  Some of our collection – such as the P1924A and the P2019A – come with a number of finishes and touches, such as a resin weave or wood effect panelling – all added onto a reliable and robust brushed aluminium frame which we guarantee will look great come rain or shine.



For a more striking look, why not go all out and opt for some truly eye-popping colours and styles?  While many of our customers who are interested in this type of outdoor furniture may largely be appealed by the outward look, they’ll be pleased to hear that this style of furniture is immensely durable – they’re easily stackable and are the reliable choice for anyone who’s looking for long-lasting furniture that catches the eye and sends a message.



Moving on from brushed aluminium, steel is a famously resistant and reliable metal which works wonders in a number of outdoor furniture looks – you simply have to take a look at our catalogue to see for yourself!  These pieces are easy to clean and come in a wide range of colours and looks – making this collection a flexible, easy-to-manage choice for a variety of establishments.



Finally, take a look at the work we do with teak – offering a mix of stunning hardwood and sturdy aluminium framing (as well as wooden slats and seating) – this collection screams ‘summer’, and what’s more, this look is astonishingly comfy.  Stackable for ease of storage and available throughout the year, a modern wooden look is still sweeping across restaurants up and down the country – and when it comes to the GBN Primo catalogue, this may just be the outdoor furniture look you are hoping for.




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