The Modular Movement

You can pick from tangents wedges circles benches or quadrants – and make your space your own.

There is a growing trend in interior design – at home, in the office and, yes, out on the town – and it’s become known as ‘modular’.  Modular refers to the use of flexible, contemporary furniture to not just save time and effort, but space, too.  It’s furniture which can be broken down and set back up to create whole new styles and looks – meaning that if you are hoping to change the feel or layout of your restaurant in the months to come, you may want to consider going modular.  While some of the modular look can be considered quirky or even left-of-field, it’s becoming the go-to option for a number of professional and commercial spaces – and there’s more than a few reasons as to why this choice simply makes perfect sense.


Full-on Flexibility

One of the major concerns that pops up during restaurant interior design is that of space – how do you make the most of it – how do you create it – and what works best for your patrons?  Unlike regular furniture, which can be moved around but with time and effort, modular furniture can be easily broken down and moved around so that you can easily set up your own look and remould it to changes in taste, season or customer feedback.  Our modular furniture is available in a range of shapes which are both fully upholstered and which can be added to, moved around, taken away and more besides – pick from tangents, wedges, circles, benches or quadrants – and make your space your own.

The Modular Movement

Maximum Creativity

Modern business owners love modular modern restaurant furniture as it allows them to be creative in a whole new way when it comes to their existing space and the furniture they choose.  Consider this – you can now create your own look from scratch from a wide range of pieces, colours and styles and can chop and change them whenever you like.  Link up some pieces and see how they look – add in textures, colours and more – it’s rather like taking a design program and bringing it into the real world – with all the fun of creativity and interior design maximised for complete and utter ease of use – not just to appease the kid in you that loves building blocks!


Go Modular Today

Modular furniture is not just for modern homes and contemporary office spaces – it’s seeping into restaurant interior design in a big way, and there’s every reason why you should be taking advantage.  To save space, to take control of your own creative look – and to redefine comfort and practicality for your customers – take a look at GN Primo’s brilliant range of modular furniture solutions today and let us know how we can help.