The Rise of the Cocktail Bar in London in 2020

let us work with you on your dream concept and bring a unique new flavour of drinks and socialising to London.

The cocktail bar is hardly a new concept – after all, it’s been around for decades on both sides of the Atlantic, and it’s often been seen as something of a luxury hideaway for those who fancy something a little different to the norm. Case studies have shown over the years that cocktail bars are continuing to appeal to a range of demographics the world over, largely appealing to those who are more than a little adventurous in what they like to drink, and to those who are looking for an establishment or two which can truly brand itself as a staple of a unique night out.

Creative drinks and menus aside, cocktail bar furniture in the UK is now balancing a fine line between retro and contemporary, with plenty of wiggle room for any establishments looking to go all out on a unique look or concept. Bar furniture in these sorts of spaces should always be stylish, slightly out of the ordinary and facilitating to the social experience of drinking – and while there are no two cocktail bars that should ever have to look the same, there are a range of standards and tried and tested furniture options which we will only be too happy to introduce you to.

The Rise of the Cocktail Bar in London

Case studies and success stories across the years will show that cocktail bars do have a certain look to them, and London is inarguably the hub for creative drinks and nights out in the UK. Here at GBN Primo, we understand this – and we know only too well that every new cocktail bar that pops up will be looking to do something new, or to try and appeal to a completely new area of the market that other establishments may not necessarily have considered.

Designing your own cocktail bar from scratch is very appealing – though it needn’t be complex, nor a chore. Our restaurant interior design team will be happy to work with you on building your dream bar aesthetic from the ground up, incorporating stunning bar furniture, practical enhancements and all the touches and looks you’re keen to bring to your local clientele. There’s no reason at all to either blend in with the crowd or to leave your dream bar to go unrealised – let us work with you on your dream concept and bring a unique new flavour of drinks and socialising to London.



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