Updating Your Pub Instantly With One Piece

Updating Your Pub Instantly With One Piece 2020

Pubs and bars are perhaps the most likely establishments on the high street which undergo changes of branding and design – and why not?  A change is as good as a rest – and whether it’s a case of keeping up with changing clientele desires or to follow competitor trends, there are plenty of ways in which you can transform your pub with very little effort.  In fact – there are a few ways whereby you can completely alter your patrons’ experience with you for the better in just one simple move.  Overseeing a complete redesign may be tempting – but isn’t it a little more alluring to change the look and feel of your establishment with just one or two little touches?  Fear not – as it’s completely possible.

Pub Update

Crucial Comfort

Consider what generally makes a pub comfortable – and whether or not your establishment is ticking the right boxes.  The right boxes to tick in this case are ones relating to the length of time your customers spend in your establishment.  Pubs and bars generally encourage lengthy visits, which of course means you are going to need to consider creating comfortable spaces with the right furniture and the right vision.  Look at other pubs in your area – with just a simple touch of upholstery, the longevity of your space is extended.  Furniture that is comfortable to sit on and to look at – consider wooden finished restaurant stools and tables with backs, too – will do wonders for your customers’ comfort and for your business’ performance.


Updating Your Look

Sometimes, while you may feel that you need to alter the entire look of your space to get results, it’s best to consider keeping things as simple as possible.  You may even only need to alter one aspect of your restaurant interior design or plan to get the results you’re looking for!  Make small changes – such as swapping out your restaurant chairs for upholstered, comfy, homely choices such as armchairs or sofas – and opt for models which won’t impact on the overall look or feel of your space.  Sofas and chairs come in cloth, leather and more besides – and providing you opt for a comfortable model with a look and colour that complements your existing environment, you’ll easily update the look of your pub without needing to make any major changes elsewhere.  It could be as simple as that!


Contact an Expert

GBN Primo are experts in bar, pub and restaurant design – and for hundreds of brands across our region, we are continuing to support and evolve their atmospheres and to help inspire their clientele.  Thinking of refurbishing your pub?  Call us today for more advice on 01992 709 420 – or email us directly at your convenience!