Winter Restaurant Design Trends in London

Winter Restaurant Design Trends in London 2020

Yes – believe it or not, winter is well and truly with us. Therefore, you should already be thinking about how your restaurant is going to transform itself to appeal to customers now that colder weather is rolling around again.  It’s safe to say that London restaurants and cafes are making plenty of big strides already when it comes to embracing the bitter British weather, and this most certainly means you shouldn’t be risking falling behind the pack.  Here are some great ways you can help to encourage your customers to come back time and again during even the coldest of months.


Don’t Ignore the Outdoors

One mistake that some restaurants and bars make is neglecting their outdoor spaces.  While it’s fairly common for establishments to start really opening up their terrace and patio areas for use during the warmer, sunnier months, there’s no reason why these spaces should be closed off come November and December.  Make the most of garden spaces during winter – put on heaters, make things nice and cosy – and encourage your visitors to sit outside with a drink or a meal and to take notice of the winter wonderland around them.  With clever marketing, you could turn your café or bar into a wintery hideaway one season, before transforming it into a beach house the next.  It’s all in the design – and in the spirit of never cutting yourself off.

Winter Restaurants

Themes to Consider

Transforming your space for the winter – in the sense of making it more inviting to customers – lies in the employment of a variety of touches and design choices, as well as creature comforts.  Blankets, heaters, fake tree stumps – transform your space into a log cabin – you may even be able to put in a temporary log fire to really cosy things up to the max.  Creating a festive feel is a real crowd-pleasing trick when Christmas is on the way, too – everywhere takes advantage!  Theme your drinks and menus, too – hot toddies, festive treats, the works – go all out!


Learning to Embrace the Cold

Keeping up to other restaurants and bars during the winter is all about taking advantage of the cold.  So what if it’s a little chilly?  Entice customers into a space with plenty of warm provisions and an outdoor terrace which is super-warm and worth talking about.  Creating a focal point is key during this season – while winter can bring around a bit of a chill, it’s also a magical time – and special drinks, menu options, theme touches and more besides will help to encourage even the frostiest of visitors – we assure you!

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